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Lamps care and cleaning

Sometimes it can happen that a lamp stops working after reaching half the time of its normal bulb life. In many cases the reason for this is that the projector's filter is not cleaned often enough.

In a dirty and dusty environment it is possible that the dust filter of the lamp housing congests, which leads into high temperatures and an early break down of the lamp. The temperature decreases and the lamp works longer if you clean and free the filter from dust regularly.

Depending on the application of the projector, the filter should be checked every 100 hours. If it is highly contaminated you should set the cleaning interval to 50 hours.

Keep in mind that especially this special lamp has to be cooled. The lamp doesn't only consist of one tungsten thread, but it consists of two electrodes that cause a flash and the heat that is produced has to be redirected.

  • That's why there should be at least a 30cm distance between the projector and the walls or other objects.

  • Make sure that you firmware upgrades are always up to date e.g.: different InFocus projectors help the lamp to get a longer lamp life via regular upgrades.

  • If you don't need the complete brightness (as for example on a movie night) switch to the EcoMode. That's how the lamp works longer and the black level improves.

  • Never touch any pieces of glass of the lamp without gloves. Fingerprints as well as sediments can lead into heat accumulations and this can result in heavy temperature fluctuations and this affects the bulb.

  • Always switch off your projector with the remote control. In that way the cooling mode starts meaning that the projector doesn't project pictures but cools the lamp. It is important to do so because the lamp can have a temperature of some 1000C. When you just cut the power supply, the lamp cools down irregularly and this can cause errors in the lamp.

  • Please keep in mind that the projector needs a room temperature between 5 and 35C (especially take care of this in summer)

  • Hot lamps are very damageable; so make sure that it is cooled down before you transport it.

  • For the ventilator to be able to clean the lamp please wait some minutes before cutting off the power supply.

  • You can find more information concerning cleaning and care in the instruction handbook of your projector or on our website.

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