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Mercury high pressure gassing load lamps

A mercuric high pressure lamp laden with gas is not a common lamp. It does not have one filament as usually, but two tungsten electrodes that have a 1.0- 1.3mm distance between them. The ball-shaped bulb has a relatively small size (4mm) to bear up under the high pressure of 50- 250 bar with a high temperature in the cold chamber at the same time. To ignite the lamp 5- 20kV are needed and a square wave ac voltage is required so that a continuous arc load can be sustained.
Inside the ball-shaded bulb there is 10- 40 milligram quicksilver which evaporates because of the immense heat of 2000C and as every burning metal, the quicksilver starts to shine.
The current feeds with molybdenum foil in a quartz glass capillary tube are long implemented and outside melted for the avoidance of thermal corrosion.

Because of the energy of the arc load there permanently melts a little bit of the electrodes away. At the moment of igniting some small pieces even drop off. When the lamp ran some time with its highest temperature, this effect decreases because of the reversion of polarity of the square wave voltage. A further wear and tear results from the crystallising glass that is not able to bear up under the very high pressure and the heat. The glass can break loudly. This explains why lamps run longer in the Eco Mode because they produce less warmth and so the glass crystallises slower.

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