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Vibrant business and classroom presentations with Optoma’s new entry range

The projectors can be easily connected to a PC or laptop to give a clear projected image. Portable and compact, they can be installed or taken on the move for off-site meetings with the optional carry bag (sold separately).

Kishan Mistry, Senior Product Manager stated: “We have launched this new range of projectors specifically for professional users who want brighter, higher quality images in meeting rooms, conference rooms and classrooms.

“All models have Eco+ modes for energy saving and an exceptional lamp life of up to 15,000 hours for added savings.”

With a range of resolutions (WXGA, XGA and SVGA) and a brightness rating of between 3,700 and 3,800 lumens, these projectors are suitable for use any time of day.

Convenient with multiple inputs including HDMI and MHL, the projectors are ideal for connecting HDMI dongles such as the Google Chromecast and the Optoma HDCast Pro, enabling users to connect to laptops, PCs or Blu-ray players.

The new models feature HDMI and VGA inputs (S322e includes VGA input only), making switching between sources simply the push of a button.

Weighing just 3kg, these compact models offer an extremely flexible solution for easy installation or presentations on the move. All models (excluding the S322e) come complete with a built-in speaker that delivers powerful 10W audio. Despite the small dimensions of these projectors, the level of audio created will easily fill an office or classroom space.

Key Features

•Bright 3,800 lumens (S322e, S334e), 3,700 lumens (X342e, W334e)

•Easy connectivity – HDMI (excluding S322e), VGA, USB Power

•Low ownership costs - up to 15,000 hours lamp life

•Amazing colour technology

•Energy saving features

•Lightweight and portable

•24/7 operation

•Full 3D (excluding S322e)

•Integrated 10W speaker (excluding S322e)