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Acer Announces F7 Series Large Venue Projectors with Interchangeable Lenses

NEW YORK - Acer, the world’s third largest projector brand1, today announced its F7 series large venue projectors, the F7200, F7500, and F7600, designed for professional installations. With five interchangeable lenses for a variety of throw ratios, high brightness rated up to 6,000 lumens, and 360-degree installation flexibility, the new professional F7 series further expands Acer’s comprehensive line of high-quality projectors for business, education and consumer applications.

“Acer is stepping up its game in the large venue professional projector market with the new F7 Series,” said Victor Chien, president, Digital Display Business, Acer Inc. “With interchangeable lenses of different throw ratios, high brightness, and 360-degree installation versatility, professional A/V installers will find the new projectors a highly practical addition to their display equipment arsenal.”

The Right Tool for the Job
The F7 series features five lens options of throw ratios, giving professional installers the flexibility needed for projector deployment in various environments:
1. Short throw: 0.8-5.0 meters (2.7-16.4 feet)
2. Semi-short throw: 1.0-9.0 meters (3.3-29.6 feet)
3. Standard throw: 1.5-7.0 meters (4.9-22.9 feet)
4. Long throw: 2.0-20.0 meters (6.6-65.5 feet)
5. Super-long throw: 3.0-20.0 meters (9.9-65.6 feet)

This gives professional installers the flexibility to choose a lens that is best-suited for their application with the same projector. The super-long throw lens stands out as an especially attractive option for larger venues which require long projection distances such as convention halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, conference rooms, houses of worship and more.

Superior Brightness
Professional installers face deployment challenges in larger venues with long projection distances and high ambient light. Acer’s F7 series was developed to overcome these hurdles and features high brightness of up to 6,000 lumens. This translates into vibrant colors, crisp detail and realistic skin tones, even in venues with large amounts of natural light.

360-degree Installation Flexibility
The Acer F7 series projectors can be rotated 360-degrees to give installers flexible and creative options for image projection. This is useful in unique deployments with a fixed mounting point such as an interactive floor or side-wall art installations. The lens of the F7 series is positioned at the center of the chassis for intuitive positioning, while horizontal and vertical lens shift allows shifting of the image in its original format and size without distortion.

Flexible Resolution and Connectivity Options
The F7 series projectors are available in three display resolutions to fit required applications: WUXGA (F7600), 1080p (F7500), and XGA (F7200). They support industry-standard input options such as RGBHV (5-BNC), DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D.

Pricing and Availability
The F7 series projectors will be available in EMEA in June with prices starting at €2,999; and in China in June with prices starting at ¥79,999.

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To find out about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office or retailer via www.acer.com.

The Acer F7 series projectors were unveiled today at the next@acer press event at 4 World Trade Center in New York, where the company announced a range of new devices and solutions for families, students and professionals. For more information, visit acer.com/nextatacer